Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability

cid journal coversThe Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability (JCID) offers a platform for discussions at the intersection of Christian faith and disability. The papers presented here will provide for interaction on themes such as philosophy and law, disability studies and education, human services and friendship, as well as theology and ministry.

Currently, there is no other evangelical Christian journal responding to the questions which will be raised in this publication. So, in the spirit of academic interchange, this publication will seek diversity in voice and perspective. While the Journal's editors and reviewers have signed the Joni and Friends Statement of Faith, contributing authors are not required to do so. Readers are encouraged to examine articles based upon individual merit and content.

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*The Spring/Summer 2018 issue (Volume 7.1) is now available in electronic (PDF) format for subscribers and in the JAF Store. Physical copies are currently being mailed to subscribers.